Please Welcome Our Newest Moderators and Admin!

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Please Welcome Our Newest Moderators and Admin!

Post by Flagg on Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:37 am

Razorgeist Is now a moderator. I've known the guy for, Christ 10 years? Though he may be twisted and annoying as fuck with his tied up cheerleader shtick Wink I trust him and know he'll do a fine job moderating this podunc... Forumlette.

And if you don't know who Abraham Fucking Lincoln is... Read a history book for fucks sake! (PS It's Los). He's our new admin.

And last and certainly least. Or not least. Or least. Is Gands, who is about the chillest motherfucker this side of Santas balls. He's also a Moderator.

So please shower them with liberate hate. Or else. Cool

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